9 Shameful Acts Ladies Display After Getting Under The Boxers Of A Guy (OPEN FAST)


Just jumped on this online from the Sequel to the thread created by Prof Tosyne2much, i decided to bring up a counter thread and share it with you all.

Not only guys behave naughty.

As a matter of fact, ladies are also guilty.

In no particular order, I decided to share it with you all.

1) Just because many of them ave only sex to offer, they wait for pay back by taxing u

2) They tell their friends u are lazy in bed

3) They try to start controlling your life after get under ur boxers

4) They start acting like ur wife after getting under your boxers

5) At any slight provocation, they make reference to it. That is, only if you did not sleep wit me

6) When dey get under your boxer & you mess up, they go unclad at midnight&start raining curses on u

7) They take dangerous medicine. Some use alabukun and 7up after getting under your boxers

8) They push another person’s pregnancy on your neck, just because they have gotten under your boxers

9) They start treathening you with marriage, saying that calamity will befall u if u fail to marry them

CULLED FROM: Nairaland


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