Abuja Nanny allegedly stabs her madam to death while she was sleeping (Photos)

A woman, identified as Ruby Galore on Instagram, has taken to her page to narrate how a nanny, identified as Johnson Becky, stabbed her friend, Yemisi, to death in the Asokoro area of Abuja.

The sad incident reportedly happened on the 23rd of September 2018, where the maid murdered her said employer in the middle of the night, in her sleep.

She wrote:

“Please share and repost !! This wicked soul murdered my friend midnight while she was sleeping, stabbed her to death and ran away with valuables, she’s been working as a nanney to my friend for the past 5 months …. please anyone with a vital information should call this number 08159467474 or DM …Thanks everyone. #Nigeria #news #abuja #asokoro #lagos.”

Narrating the incident, Ruby Galore, spoke to LIB in a telephone conversation, saying:

“My friend is married to an Isrealite and her husband is not always around. She lives in the house with her daughter and the maid, Johnson Becky, as well as the security guards.

“On the day of the incident, Becky after attacking her, locked her inside with her daughter, packed some of her valuables and went out of the house in search of a taxi man at about 11pm. No one knows the reason for the attack.

“When she returned, she told the security guards that she was traveling to her village and needed to pack her things. The guards stopped her from moving out, insisting that Yemisi did not inform them she was traveling. They tried calling her phones but there was no response. Becky then told the guards that she wanted to go into the car to pick up her other phone so she can call Madam. That was how she fled and has not been seen till date. The next day, Yemisi’s husband instructed the security guards to break the door and enter the house. That was when they found her in the pool of her blood with stab wounds all over her body.”

Galore said the case was reported to the police and investigation has commenced. Becky, from Akwa Ibom state, who has been with the couple for some time, had travelled out of the country with them a few times. There are fears that she might flee the country and evade justice for her alleged act.

Yemisi was buried last Wednesday at Apo cemetery.

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