After years of struggle, Nigerian man finally gets a job but dies a day before resumption (PHOTOS)

A Nigerian man, Victor Nwobike has succumbed to the cold hands of death, just a day to resume at his new place of work.

His friend, Ibifuro Thompson Tatua who mourned him on Facebook disclosed how Victor struggled for years, looking for employment and finally he got one at the Nigerian Railway Corporation, only for him to mysteriously fall sick and die a day before he was to resume. So sad..

Thompson wrote:

Today We Lost a Young Man Postmodernist Victor Nwobike popularly called PVN or Postmodernist, He was Known for his Use Of Big Grammars and was Vigor, He has been in the Struggle for a while Now and he Just got a Job at The Nigerian Railway Corporation to Resume Work tomorrow Monday, He Spoke Excitedly About it just Yesterday Evening and was to Travel today to Lagos to Start Work 2moro and 5am Today He got Sick and died shortly after, and this got Me thinking since Afternoon, Is this Destiny? What is this Called? Just last Night he was Excited and Well, Since Last year he has been doing follow-Up on this Job, he has been Broke and Struggling and Just a Day He is to Resume The Long Awaited Job, He Died, this is a Very Annoying Time to Die, I Have been Thinking a lot why he had to fall sick today and Die today just like that? Abi Village People that he has gone to brief about his Trip, or what? I just don’t get it! God Please oo, Abeg ooo, Have Mercy On Us. Cover your Children, R.I.P. Postmodernist. I am still shocked.

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