#BBNaija: Just Look At What This Nigerian Guy Said About Housemate Efe & His Parents (SCREENSHOTS)

Earlier today, We got to understand that there are some certain sets of Individuals who have apparently launched a campaign to throw out Efe from the Big Brother Naija House.

One of which is an Instagram page with only 1 follower with the handle Team ‘We Hate Efe’.

According to the group Efe has used his “poverty pity card” to deceive viewers.

Screenshots of a guy who recently threw insults at Efe’s Parent’s picture has surface online.

The Nigerian wrote:

“Say no to Hungry people. We will never vote Efe to win”

Of course, Team Efe lambasted him, and we are AKPRAISE MEDIA are bringing this gist to more of Efe Fans.

Fams, what do you think of this?



  1. Ehee more reason to vote him… his family needs the money, he accepted that he is from a poor home but his mates say they will make 25m in two weeks and d other one say her toasters are private jet owners… Based on logistics efe should have the money, others are rich already… Case closed.

  2. This guy is seriously mad how can you talk to your fellow human like that pls bring out your parent too and less see, you this idiot, so because is not from rich home now he must not made it in life wait and see what God we do for him

  3. Na wa, na real wa. Pple no fit appreciate good thin, and good thin will be far frm such pple and their family. Efe no form say him be heaven and earth, he is jst favoured by God, dat is wat pple dnt understanding. Sometimes we jst love some one for no reason, dat is called grace. Efe even if u dnt win, wat u will get will be more Dan wat u are expecting. I love you.

  4. This guy is so stupid to say this kind of stupid stuff to my guy EFE…anyway you ppl will die trying because captain EFE is going home with the money…Efe is the only real G in the house…fake people real know real…EFE for life #efeforthemoneyforsurekillyourself

  5. Pls Nigerians be educated and have brings forget sentiment when making decisions…I hear someone say “this is the more reason I will vote for him” see u..are u voting for cause his family are poor or cause he has something to offer, what are his plans for the money his ideals of how to make usefulness of the money abeggi throw trash for lawma Efe na trash bassey self is more intelligent than he is

  6. This is nt a game for d rich its for everybody so wetin come bring dat statement some people r naturally illiterates nt even d expensive school or where d have been or travel to can change it.

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  8. He is hungry ok maybe he borrowed money from you to buy the form issorite my brother dnt u think is better for him to win so he wld be made d taje his family from poverty than those rich ones that plan to spend d money in club because private get owner is hitting on dem

  9. U sure say that guy na human Efe is far better than him and he is jealous thinking that his post will make people 2 hate Efe but he is a looser

  10. This rate is so stupid and useless, i dont know who he is but for using this word on this innocent boy Efe,,, May u and ur generation to come never no peace and u will experience whatever u think u know about efe and his family that u are using to mock him now. ..Mark my word u Bastard

  11. Efe said people need portable water in some parts of the country and that is the project he going to execute any day any time he lives d house. He said water is life. He win he didn’t win, he said he will still do it. Haters be careful to avoid d wrath of God.

  12. Mu²… Attention seeker.
    Abuse his parents very well u hear… I just hope you still have parents too.
    It is sha paining you that we love Efe… Keep hating while he is progressing and end up making his family proud. Even if he doesn’t have talent, we still love him…that is the definition of God’s grace….
    And remember, what you wish him will come back to you. It is not a curse.
    Low life haters.

  13. Who is this idiot? How dare you insult someone’s parent? Has Efe 4 once denied his noble parent? Wealth isn’t everything a times a good name is better dummy..Who the fuck are you? If dem count men which number u go be? Some one is busy making a name/fame and making his family proud you are joblessly talking down on him.. how pathetic you can be..Listen He is taking d cash back home so start thinking of the best suicide method to use.. see how hungry you look.. Mumu

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