Cardvest: The Best Nigerian Gift Cards Trading App

There are several apps to trade gift cards in Nigeria. However, not all of these apps are best for you. To come up with this post, we examined several gift cards trading apps in Nigeria, putting several factors into perspective.

The best platform to trade gift cards in Nigeria is Cardvest, and in this article, we explore the various factors we considered to arrive at this conclusion. We also explore details about Cardvest.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Platform to Trade Gift Cards
When picking the best app to sell gift cards in Nigeria, the following factors are critical. Here is everything you need to know.

Reliability and Reputation
Gift cards exchange is a financial transaction; money is involved. Hence, you need to trade with a platform you can trust. The sensitivity of these financial transactions makes it pertinent that you do your background research properly before committing to a platform.
If you don’t have friends who can recommend trading platforms, you can search for recommendations on reputable news websites like ours.

Whether you want to sell iTunes gift cards in Nigeria or Amazon, you need to be sure it isn’t a fake website you are selling on. These days, detecting fake trading can be daunting, as they are designed to look like legit websites and apps. When you come across a new platform, you should check for their activity on social media. Check for the users engaging them, and find out if such users have used the platform before.

You should also check the website’s name on Trust pilot or other review platforms you trust. Then, once you find a reliable platform to trade gift cards, you won’t have to go through the legitimacy-check stress again.
Overall, if you have doubts about the legitimacy of a website, you should steer clear.
The Rates they Offer The only reason you trade gift cards in Nigeria is for profit. Hence, you need the gift cards trading app that gives the highest rate. You aren’t trading for the fun of it. Check through the website of the potential trading platform to see the rates they offer. It would be best if you then compared their rates with that of other websites.

However, don’t fall for scam websites that may offer exceptionally high rates. For each gift card, you want to trade, ensure that you know the standard value. Each gift card has its respective value. Hence, conduct your research to understand the average rate of the gift card you want to trade.

Fast Payment
This is another important box that the gift cards trading platform you choose must check. You don’t want to wait a whole day or two before getting cash payment for the gift card you sold yesterday. Hence, check through reviews that talk about how fast they got their money.
The best app to trade gift cards in Nigeria will only take minutes, maximum, before remitting your payment.

The Best Gift Card Trading App | Cardvest
Cardvest is the best gift card trading app in Nigeria, and the platform checks all the boxes we listed above and more. In this section, we take a look at everything Cardvest has to offer.

Trade Any Gift Card
Cardvest was established in 2016, and in its 5 years of existence, the platform has developed to make it possible to trade any of the gift cards you have. For example, from Amazon to play store, Nordstrom, Vanilla, etc. Not only does the platform support trading these cards, but they also buy from you at the highest rate possible. Hence, to make a profit from that card with you, use Cardvest.

Support and Security
When trading on Cardvest, you shouldn’t be worried about your data being compromised. The system is advanced, developed to ensure that it's difficult for hackers to penetrate. In addition, all financial transactions on Cardvest are through secure channels.
When there is any technical problem, the support team at Cardvest is always available to help you.

Either it’s a functionality that’s not responding, or your transactions unexpectedly got delayed, there is help around the corner. An email will get support to you within the hour.

How much is $100 Amazon gift card?
Have you ever thought of how much your $100 Amazon gift card is worth when you exchange it for
naira? Check out how to sell Amazon gift cards and how the best gift card calculator works. You might also wonder why people trade gift cards for cash and not just use them to buy stuff at the websites or stores that they are programmed to work. Well, not everyone needs to buy beauty and personal care products with their Sephora gift card. Some people would love to cash out the gift card funds to their local naira account. Cardvest is the best platform to sell Sephora gift cards for cash in Nigeria.

Cardvest is the best platform to trade gift cards for cash in Nigeria. The platform is reliable, offers the best rates, allows you to trade any card, offers maximum support and security while also making sure you get your payments as fast as possible. Start selling on Cardvest.

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