Checkout Kanye West’s new hairstyle that costs $500 to maintain daily

Popular US Rapper cum producer Kanye West is currently trending after fans came across his new hairstyle which he debuted days ago, reportedly costs $500 to maintain on a daily basis.

Kanye showed off his new look Friday as he arrived at his office in Calabasas, and as you can see, he’s sporting fresh cut lines all over his head.

Looks like Yeezy’s barber has some serious skills, because he’s got Ye’s dome looking straight-up like a tiger print. Wow!!!

Sources claim Kanye West spends up to $500 every day on haircuts, which is $182,500 per year.

Aside from Kanye West new hairstyle , fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Yandhi, his official follow-up to 2017’s Ye.

Over the past few months, he’s been spotted in the studio with numerous artists such as Lil Wayne, Migos, Timbaland, and more.

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