Concerned Nigerians Abuse South African Newspaper For “Insulting” Olajumoke Orisaguna, the Breadseller Turned Model

Nigerians got no chill at all. You cannot come and insult their own and go free.

Concerned Nigerians have rained fire upon Sowetan lives newspaper in South Africa for describing Olajumoke, former breadseller turned super model as poor and dirty in their featured headline story.

She wss featured in the newspaper and the captioned on her featured page got many infuriated.

”Dirt poor breadseller Jumoke’s story a fairy tale”. the captioned read

A good look at the interview tells of how a poor breadseller was polished and elevated into a superstar after she bumped into a photoshoot of one of Nigerians sought after Photographer who got attracted by her natural beauty and decided to give her life a meaning.

Her image was well portrayed but for the caption which Nigerians feel it was too demeaning.

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