Denrele Edun shares a throwback photo of him and blogger Linda Ikeji

Denrele Edun recently took to his Instagram account to share a story about himself that many did not know.

He wrote about his friendship with popular blogger and media personality Linda Ikeji especially about how she regularly helped him out with cash whenever he was stuck. He also shared a throwback photo of the both of them.

Read his post below:

“#FlashbackFriday to 2nd Semester Exams with @officiallindaikeji in Unilag where we had just cremated an English Major course. This was in 2002. But the real reason I’m posting this picture (Linda actually wanted it in Sepia mode even though I wanted it in colour) is to hail my Day1! LINDA IKEJI is still one of the most exquisitely amazing women I have had the utmost blessing of knowing!

Just after class and exams, Linda wil grab my Higher Education note and slip money in the middle; She always knew when I was stuck (which was everyday, anyways) and if I couldn’t afford Campus shuttle from Education Dept to Main Campus, she will walk the entire length with me…In neck breaking stilettos!

Before we took this picture, someone made a joke about my fake TShirt right in front of the Arts Faculty. Saying i was always wearing fake sh*t and stuff…And I should get a life. Linda looked the person up and down, flipped her long braids over her shoulder and told me to be grateful for the gift of LIFE!

Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.”

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