Diamond Platnumz’s wife spotted with an Arab man weeks after dramatic break-up

The photo, which was first shared by Tanzanian gossip blogs attracted mixed reactions from Diamond and Zari’s fans, who insinuated that the mother of five had already moved on just weeks after dramatic break-up.

Quite a number of people threw shades at Zari, and urged her to close her legs, rather to take a breather before jumping into the next relationship.

However, the identity of the Arab man has been revealed and it is likely that he is having nothing to do with Zari. The man is reported to be her friend and a part time ’employee.’

Word from Magufuli land intimated that the man, whose name is still unknown is a professional interior and exterior designer who was contracted to lighten up Prince Nillan’s birthday party.

It was during Nillan’s birthday party when Zari and this Arab man shared a photo session with the photos finding their way online, sparking mixed reactions.

The latest development came barely weeks after Zari Hassan publicly dumped her hubby Diamond Platinumz, citing incessant infidelity cases.

Zari dumped Diamond on Valentines day through Instagram.

Zari’s decision to ditch her husband caught many by surprise since no one saw it coming.

However, she said she was tired of Diamond’s repeated cheating and was moving on as a single person in a bid to rediscover herself.

Diamond Platnumz didn’t take the break up lightly as he blamed himself for everything that happened and even stated that if care is not taken he might not live to see the coming months.

This actually sent shivers through the spine of his followers as a lot of people insinuated that the artiste might be contemplating suicide and so he should be monitored.

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