Eminem Has Grown A Beard (Photos)

Who would have thought this day would come. Eminem has grown a beard!!

Eminem is very rarely seen with as little as a stray hair on his chin.

Yesterday, he showed up at the premiere of The Defiant Ones, an upcoming HBO documentary series about the relationship between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, and in a photo of the three, Eminem clearly hasn’t shaved in at least a few days.

It’s not as though Slim Shady never wanted facial hair: In 2015, he tweeted about his “beard envy” of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Some people on social media took it as a sign that whatever album he’s going to put out next is going to be a surefire masterpiece.

Others simply wanted to clown the ever-loving hell out of him.


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