English Premier League Now Costs TV Companies N590,000 Per Second?

In English Football, Anything can indeed happen.

The new English Premier League rights deal means that Tv companies are now paying almost £2,000 per second to broadcast top-flight British football. BBC reports

I am surprised by the size of it.

Following the new deal, Burnley are now, economically, bigger than Ajax?

The new right deal puts football on a par with basketball’s NBA in terms of the annual cost to media companies, representing a 70 per cent increase on the current deal to summer 2016.

Following the new contract, 168 games will be shown live over three years, including the league’s first ever TV showings on Friday evenings.

That represents a fee of £10.2 million per match, £5.1 million per half of football, £113,000 per minute or £1,888 per second not including stoppage time.

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