Epic Moment Pregnant Woman Expecting Baby Girl Got A Shocker During Delivery


An expectant woman who was told she was going to have a baby girl, received the surprise of her life after delivery.

According to reports, the woman in the photos is Koto Nakamura, a mum whose childbirth, a photographer, Jes was on hand to document.

Koto was told she was going to have a baby girl at first but when she gave birth, she was shocked as she realised it was a baby boy!

After posting the priceless picture on Instagram page for her company, Itty Bitty Photography, Jes narrated exactly what had happened at the very moment she took the photos.

She wrote: “The priceless look on a mama’s face who was told she was having a baby girl but received a baby boy!! Talk about a big surprise!!”


The image has understandably captured the imagination of other parents, many of whom have commented that they had an identical experience. And none of them would change a thing.
Imagine all the planning, decorating, purchasing and baby-name choosing that goes on in those weeks leading up to D-day?

Then imagine, come D-day, having to go back to the drawing board? lol

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