FOR LADIES! SEE 6 Things You Should Never Wait For A Man To Do For You (MUST READ)


A man that is in love with you or admires you will always go an extra mile to prove this to you.

In fact, one of the ways to show that a man cares about you is when he invests in your future, cater to some of your needs and spoil you silly with gifts and treats.

However, it is common sense that you
don’t wait around for a man to answer to your every need. Apart from the fact that it makes you look cheap and “thirsty”, it chases good men from you.

So, it is advisable that you don’t expect a man to carry every of your burden.

Here are six things you can do for yourself:

1) Take Yourself Out:

Don’t be like those girls that wait for men to buy them the sharwama or pizza or fancy dish they are craving, take yourself out. You come off as ratchet and hungry when you can’t even afford to buy yourself a good meal.

So, take out cash from your purse, dress up and go out.

You can take your friends along with you so you can have a really wonderful time.

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