Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Put Their Divorce On Hold


Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have put their divorce on hold a year after filing in filing divorce papers.

According to TMZ, the ex-couple were sent a legal doc in which the clerk in divorce court sent a notice to them, saying they’ve been asleep at the wheel and done nothing to make the divorce final. The clerk issued an ultimatum to them to either do something or the case will be dismissed.

TMZ reports that , multiple sources, on both Halle and Olivier’s side, and they say the same thing. Neither is in a rush to make the divorce final, and they’re fine with staying married.

Halle who turned 50 recently isn’t convinced she wants a third divorce as she doesn’t think it’s good for her or the kids.She also thinks Olivier might change, especially in the anger management department, and if he does she thinks the marriage could work.

They’re getting along great and both are actively involved in parenting both 3-year-old Maceo and
8-year-old Nahla.

Although Olivier isn’t Nahla’s dad, he’s still actively involved in her life.For now, they’re just friends and good parents, but who knows” TMZ reports

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