Happy Birthday to Actor Chris Okagbue & his Twin!

Did you know Nollywood actor, model and producer Chris Okagbue is a twin? No? Now you know!

On his Instagram, he shared a beautiful birthday message to his twin brother who is also Chris, alongside pictures of the both of them.

We wish Christian and Christopher Okagbue a happy one.

His message on Instagram:

“People often ask me what it feels like to be/have a twin. I really didn’t think it’s a big deal. It feels normal to me. I mean, I guess it’s probably like just having a younger or older brother. But when I see how amazed ‘most’ people are by twins, I start to think that maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s a big deal. Maybe it’s not like just having a younger or older brother. Maybe there’s more to it. I’ve heard of housemates, flatmates, schoolmates, workmates etc. But it has to be something really special to call someone your ‘wombmate’. Then I start to really appreciate what I am and whom I have.

And what better day to show appreciation than on the anniversary of our arrival on earth in the late 80s?

It’s funny how every year we battle for who’d be the first to say “happy birthday bro”, and the other would be forced to say “I wish you the same”… I won this year by the way ???

Happy birthday to me and my other half @cris_okagbue. Feels good to finally turn 17, just like Mom did few days ago ????.

God told me to tell you that we’re in for massive and overwhelming levels of blessings this new year. So, strap up and leego!!!

See photos below:

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