Having An Affair With My Wife Is Not Appealing ‘Cos She’s Dirty, Smells — Man Tells Court

A 42-year-old man has asked an Alakuko Customarily Court in Lagos State, to end his marriage to his wife of six years because of her untidy behaviour.

Mr. John Odusanya told the court that his wife, Abosede, was an untidy woman who does not care about the wellbeing of the home and her children. He further accused his wife of being lazy and dirty.

“My wife sometimes goes for days without taking her bath. I have cautioned her several times but she is not willing to change. She smells and it really puts me off s3x.

“Taking care of our two children is a big task for her I started bathing our children the day I discovered they had body odour. I would wash, cook and clean while my wife sits and watches TV until NEPA takes the light.

“I met her in church and I thought I had found a good Christian woman. She uses foul language in front of our children and gossips a lot. She stopped going to the shop I opened for her because she said provision business is not lucrative.

“I don’t want to commit adultery so I want a divorce so that I can move on with my life,” he said.

The wife was however not in court. The case was consequently adjourned till August 4.

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