He Predicted The Brazilian Soccer Team Tragedy, Now He Has Announced Another Tragic Prophecy


Since always, there were people who think they can predict the future. Some people appreciate, admire, and even worship them, while others fear them. The most amazing — and creepy — is that it seems these people are real, and they actually have clairvoyant powers.

José Ferreira dos Santos, also known as Carlinhos, is one of them; he is the most famous in Brazil.


Some time ago he predicted and announced sporting events such as the Germany’s win over Brazil in the 2014 World Cup. But his name became very famous when he foretold the death of an entire Brazilian soccer team.

A terrible tragedy that happened on November 28 when the plane carrying the Chapecoense team crashed into a hill killing 71 of the 77 passengers.

And now he gave another gruesome news. Carlinhos has announced on a public TV channel that a player from the Chile National Team won’t be able to attend the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Not because he will get involved in a tragedy and will die. Carlinhos gave no name, just said he is one of the most important players, internationally renowned, and a symbol of Chilean football.

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