Here Are Top 10 Female Celebrities Who Have Been Accused Of Bleaching Their Skin (PHOTOS)

Asides from being in an Industry largely dominated by men, the women in the Nigerian entertainment industry constantly have to endure the speculations and bashing sometimes tossed their way.

And even though some of these things come with the territory, the public would argue that most of the backlash is some sort of chain reaction.

Not one or two female celebrities have been accused of bleaching in the past and even though most of them are usually thought to be Yoruba Actresses, you’d be surprised at who else has been accused of lightening up their skin.

Cynthia Morgan

I am not sure there is any female celebrity who has received as much backlash as Cynthia Morgan received when photos of her looking lighter emerged a few years ago.

While working on rebranding herself with a new label, Cynthia found out that the public was not going easy on her when her photos appeared.

And she constantly trended for her supposed skin lightening than her music at the beginning.

The I’m Taken Singer did address the speculations at a time, saying she was taking care of her skin and that was it.

But Nigerians were not buying that.


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