‘I Am Ashamed To Call Myself A Muslim’ — Man Cries Out (Video)


A frustrated man has ranted about how he is ‘very ashamed’ of being a Muslim.

This is following the Syrian war and how his so-called Muslim brothers, especially Saudi Arabia have turned their back on them, by rejecting refugees from Syria.

Angry Dr. Babajah took his time to thank the Christians in Germany for their kind gestures of sheltering Muslim refugees, especially those ones rejected by Islamic countries like; Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mauritius and host of other Muslim dominated countries.

“It’s very heartbreaking to see how their brothers turned their back on them, and how Christians who they labelled as unbelievers are now helping them.”

He went ahead to say that he won’t be surprised to know that only Christians will inherit the Kingdom of the Heaven, while his Muslim brothers who didn’t help, when people were in need will go to hell fire.

You need to watch the over 4-minute video because he said quite a lot of things!

Watch Video below:


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