Khloe angel-themed photos goes viral on IG

The Halloween season brought alot of lovely and awkward costumes with it as we see BBN’s Khloe showing off her’s.

The reality star took to her IG page some monets ago to share the ‘Angel-themed’ photos that has now gone viral.

Dropping a piece, she captioned it;

“I used to draw an angel when I was young
Imagining that she was flying so high
A little girl with wings same as hers
Following the angel everywhere
The little girl keeps on flying
Quickly, eagerly, ambitiously
A strong wind strikes the girl
Causing her to nearly fell

She looked where the angel was
She sees nothing but dust
From dust is a shadow of a bird
A sweet soft voice speaks in her head
“Don’t cry, just keep on trying,
Fly high, soar high, don’t stop on dreaming.”
The girl got the urge flying back to the sky
The angel flew with her with pleasing smile

As I look closely on my drawing
I was the little girl, wandering
Infront was the graceful angel
Telling me not to stop flying
#life #girl #dreams #angel #goal #fly #success #high #imagine”

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