Man & Female Partner Trekking From Abuja To Otuoke For Jonathan Receives Huge Money From The Uk (SEE RECEIPT)


Trekking and receiving huge amount of money?

Wow, if this is what trekking will bring, then Nigerians need to gather to gather their footwears and begin solidarity trips.

The young man from Abuja to Otuoke in solidarity for President Goodluck Jonathan who conceded defeat in the presidential election, Oladele John Nihi, has been blessed with a lot of freebies.

After being joined by a called Gloria, both have hosted by generous Nigerians
who have doled out lots of cash and foodstuffs to them.


Even a man sent him N28,310 from the UK today to support their journey.

The trekker has been all smiles throughout the journey due to the excessive love and encouragement from country citizens.

They are currently in Kogi state now.

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