“May depression visit every girl that has ever said no to me” – Speed Darlington Rants

If ypu reallu don’t know much about Speed Darlington then you must be sleeping on a bicycle.

US-Based Nigerian artiste Speed Darlington, popularly known for providing comic relief on Instagram with his very funny attempt at making music, has called out Igbo women in America.

In what seems to be a drunken rant, the U.S-based Nigerian artiste, who once got a shout out from rapper Diddy, called out Igbo women, probably for not making him as happy as Calabar women have.

He started:

“F*** Igbo bitc*** in America. May Donald Trump deport all of you. I enter Calabar find happiness.”

He finished off his rant in Igbo language then shared it on Instagram with the caption:

“May depression visit every girl that has ever say no to me. Sudden death is your destination. Amen!”

Watch the video below:


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