Meet Nigeria’s rising celebrity stylist “Bayano” (Bayano Lagos)

Fashion is now the hottest and most trending thing around the world, as an artiste, if you do not have a good fashion sense your fans will see you as chaff. Artistes go on to getting personal stylists for themselves just to look good and take good pictures for their gram not talking about their music videos. 

Ibitayo Abiodun is a renowned Lagos fashion designer, entrepreneur, and founder of Bayano Wears. His unique approach to designing lively and colorful prints has earned him a global following including notable personalities who have recognized him for his celebration of African prints.

Better known as Bayano Wears, Ibitayo is a celebrity stylist, who came to limelight after his several jobs with late Barristers’ son, Barry Jhay. Barry is one of Nigeria’s hottest artiste who has been dishing hit songs back to back. Bayano is now one of the most sought after stylists in Lagos as his wear s.and styling are different and very affordable. 

Let’s have a quick run through your background?

My Name is Ibitayo Abiodun Jnr., born and raised in Lagos. I am the firstborn from a Family of 2 kids. I have a younger sister who is also doing fashion. She’s in a Fashion school In Yaba learning how to select Fabrics and sewing. I am 23 years old. I lost mom at a very tender age after the birth of my kid sister who happened to be my Motivation. Because I just want to push harder whenever I look in her eyes.

How long have you been in the Game

I can confidently say I’ve been in this game all my life because I’ve never done anything else aside Fashion. But professionally was after my secondary school education, I learned a little further while we were home for Holiday as I always did whenever we had an examination break. In 2010, I decided to build the brand and Gradually we have been pushing, it’s not been easy but all Gory to God.

Who are the artists you’ve worked with?

I have worked with a few artistes. In 2016 I had the opportunity to meet with Dremo and Mayorkun after Mayorkun asked me to style him if I could get 300 retweets on a particular post. Which I did get before the time. 

Then in 2017, the same thing happened with Yung6ix. With a request of 600 retweets and I got 780+ Which led Yung6ix to invite me to his Place and it took another 1 year before I was not able to Communicate and Baba was forming Busy. Then 2018 I started working with my Friend who turned Family. 

Barry Jhay  Same year I met Lyta, Yeah and he’s been very supportive. Then, Bally, I designed his BMB (Bad Man Bally) collection. Idowest, CBLVCK, Mohbad, Zino and the likes. This Year I’m looking to working with professionals only. Artistes that know how to carry them selves in cloth. Bold and Classy.

Why the name Bayano Wears?

When I was younger and in Primary school, my friends called me Bayano because initially my name is Junior, and people just call me Junior Bayano. Bayano here Bayano there… lol that’s it went.

Are your outfits Affordable?

Our outfits are not expensive, Very affordable.

What inspired you to go into fashion?

Fashion itself inspired me. I always loved art and paintings. But when everyone was choosing their various careers in the corporate world, I was the first out of my friends to learn a Handwork, but don’t forget what I said, I was very lazy. So many times I missed fashion classes just because I wanted to play football with my friends. But here I am today.

What are the challenges you’ve been through?

So many challenges. Some days we had to run around Yaba to get works done. There are times you go to the market and buy a particular fabric, another client likes it and wants the same fabric. You can get to the Market and it’s no longer available. Fashion designing aside the talent requires a lot of dedication and commitment. I had to give it all.

In 5 years from now where do you see yourself?

I just set up my first sewing factory and showroom in Maryland. In 5 years I want to be able to have fashion houses in different states and countries. So help me God.


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