Meet the man Adesuwa Etomi allegedly ‘Dumped’ so she could be with Banky W (Photos)

Its no longer news that Singer Banky Wellington has official proposed to Nigerian actress Adesuwa Etomi.

The duo are currently observing their introduction rights at the moment.

We’re sure most of you were wondering why the heck Adesua Etomi put Banky W on hold for so long seeing they were obviously meant to be together!

Well, the reason is a man.

And according to reliable sources, he’s none other than upcoming actor, Kunle Remi.

Throwback to two years ago, around the time Banky W must have made that call to his bestie, Tunde Demuren.

When Banky told Demuren he had met the one, Adesua was reportedly dating Kunle Remi on the low.

It was a relationship kept under the wraps and which only very close friends in the Industry knew about.

This does not come as a surprise, seeing how lowkey the Actress eventually kept the relationship with her Fiance, Banky W.

Even trips to Kunle Remi’s Lekki apartment at the time were secret. And let’s not forget how smartly they both evaded the dating questions.

Back in November last year, during an interview with Kunle Remi, the actor insisted he was only friends with the actress.

Adding that their strong chemistry in Uduak Isong‘s Falling was simply what it was – an onscreen chemistry.

However, sources close to the two claim a certain ‘busty’ actress came into the picture and everything went downhill from there.

Of course, Banky and Adesua had been friends during this period and it was not until late last year, that the relationship between Kunle and Adesua finally came to an end.

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  1. Bad belle people una don start. You won’t even allow the bebe to enjoy her introduction? Next we would hear is,,,,meet the lady banky dumped for adesuwa. Haba!. When will Nigerians learn to stop digging deep in people’s past.? Make una allow the bebe to be,, so that when yours come, too much diggings will not be dig out. Am in my house o come and beat me.

  2. THIS IS SAD SHALL. Its painful if am the gye. I know I will be down but I pray for grace upon you so move on money money money its a serious matter in this world well for the new couples congrats for the gye bro one love just try to move on and I pray you will meet your own from our creator

  3. Weytin con b our own
    Abeg d Bea don change level, make una live dis new lovers, Bad belle people no go ever stop
    If na sowi d boy won hear,OK sowi,wat a pity bro
    Just move on Sir
    Banky don’t mind all did bad belle people, they just want to destroy your happiness, don’t give them chance
    God bless your your new world dear and to adesuwa

  4. Learn to mind your business people of Nigeria, all this nonsense entertainment gossip, is it your business you just love spoiling people’s home, just now you know the person she dumped, would she had dumped you instead, don’t go get married, continue, no problem, there is God

  5. She dumped a man for banky though i dont know how true it is .. Because of fame and money and all her fans be like weldone ma, sharp bae who want to suffer abi… When beating comes up i hope you won’t nlame her, i wish her hapy married life though… Women of this generation have proven to us that a broke nigga is not worthy to marry… Abeg no insult ooo coz i dey purge

  6. Ah ah…na wetin??
    Abeg make d man pack for one side…We no wan knw who she been dump for banky…nothing concern us wid am..We no wan knw d man.
    Haba!! Ppl wey just do engagement nd introduction… Make una no con spoil der marriage ooo with amebo..
    Not all relationship leads to marriage… Sooo Kunle is of d past nd Banky is d present nd future…
    Sooo biko make una pack well.

  7. Una don start is there anybody in this world who doesn’t have ex.or every relationship must end up in marriage. Boyfriend is different from guys should allow them enjoy their marriage in peace

  8. Make Una no carry witch follow my sister oooo, which one be guy were Desua dump for Mr. Capable. Where him dry since where he no engage her b4 Banky. The ready Man takes the bride what God has joined pls no asunder
    Make Una stop all this cookedup stories.
    Why some people no De like good news, as I see now wr nobody recognise me! Make I try print poster say I want contest for president Na then they go know say I no be Nigerian
    Na then dey go know say I no use waec enter university or my master result Na double.
    Still sleeping will call you later Mr. P

  9. Wetin concern us????
    Before nko??? No be person she go dump to marry person???
    If na your sister fine like that, she no go dump????
    Abi she for marry the whole world????
    Abeg make una pack one side o jare!!!

  10. People breakup for others to meet.its normal .she’s not the first. As a matter of fact most people marrying these days(male and female) did not marry the person they have been dating for long… It does not matter. When you meet your match you gotta take it to the next level. All the past na history. Everybody has a past. For me her net catch big fish and she nor let am escape…. Hml in advance

  11. And so what, I beg mind ur own business and leave this couples alone 2enjoy their self, u people like talking robish don’t u see were people dounp each other because of someone else.I beg go sleep,dat is not a new tin leave d girl alone every one has his/her own past.U can come and beat me ooo

  12. Please is it the fact that Banky is a singer, or the fact that Adesua is an actress that all this news are now going around. Please if you are looking or rooting for their downfall just block your ears or close your eyes and pretend you didn’t see anything. Why are they so bothered and why are you unhappy about someone else happiness. Am happy for them, and for those that believe with me that they will have a happy ending, the guy she left doesn’t matter because am very sure they didn’t know the root of the story before they bursted out the news, but still for those that don’t like their union should “remain silent forever”

  13. It doesn’t matter if he was dumped, I believe he will fine himself a better one in future. In life some persons are history to us not everyone is meant to stay in our life, unless I forget, one very good thing to note is that, every one’s husband has been someone’s boyfriend and every wife has been someone else’s girlfriend. Even though u marry ur spouse as a virgin he once has a closed frnd so, no point bringing her past here. Thank God for the new couple we have here.

  14. She has gotten married to money now leaving true love behind,tomorrow we will be hearing stories of brutality anyway I’m not enemy of progress congratulations to u both

  15. Eyaaaa!!! Bros take heart but the guy is handsome although the guy no too get pepper. Banky dumped his girlfriend and adesuwa dumped her boyfriend. The two should come together and get married base on

  16. If them like make them dig deeper into the earth! The Introductiom took place today and nothing stopped it! With the way it is going, does it look like the couples give a damn about the nonsense that will come out of people’s mouth?? Make them use this time sell their papers and make their cheap popularity cos after now, nobody would give a damn!

  17. Even if she dumped him,at least they ar not marry,so dumping him is not a big deal,she went for a rightful man in wish she believe,she will be happy with for the rest of her life,so let her live her life and enjoy her new Union.

  18. Ahan hw many days and such news is already coming up …but wait o..won’t she dump a guy she’s not interested in to be with d one after her heart so wat’s this yeye story about ….pls o let them be in peace .. wat God has join together let no man put asunder


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  20. This Akpraise it seems yhur Amebo, olofofo gbeboru is just 10 much yhu pipple shuld allow them enjoy themselves nah shoooo yhu pipple ve talked about Banky’s Ex now is Ade’s Ex nawa Ooo

  21. U talking abt she dumping a guy for someone, but u no fit post am sey this is adesua’s reason for dumping d guy, abeg just find out real facts before posting rubbish and besides it not u people’s fault, shebi na because they popular, if that is how u people do find out real facts abt couples that wed every Saturday, shebi it would have been beta…. Awon onisolenu oshii

  22. Must every relationship in marriage? Let that guy go and marry his own. He may be the one that dump Etomi bcos God has rearrange her life he has come out. Let him keep away from this union. Why is courtship allowed, is not to know if both can be compatible in marriage? I wish happy and blissful union life

  23. Its normal…she followed her heart..who knows who dumped who?…get facts from both sides first before saying “dump”….who knows if they agreed to end up marrying..besides, the babe is a celebrity, she went for what she wants.

  24. Na sisters like atoumi or whatever her name is na she I like, sisters we sabi waka live slow bus and follow jet plane ….congratulations banky w….am happy for u both and wish u two the best in life ….

  25. Akpraise media you are a mess, dump kua, fair god for your life cos of this your rumour way of living. How sure are you that she dump him, hmm. Please don’t use ur bad mouth put sadness into are marriage. Almost all the start marriage that crash your hard work over it is 80%. Fair God And the pain under ur grave. Kenu ma payin

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