Meet the snake man whose body are all covered in scales (PHOTOS)

An Indian man identified as Om Prakash is suffering from erythroderma, an excruciating skin condition that causes his skin to shed every 10 days albeit cracking and looking black.

According to reports, the 35-year-old, dubbed ‘snake man’ is unable to walk because when he moves, his skin cracks and he bleeds heavily.

The man who is unable to afford medical treatment is said to have visited faith healers, who claim he is cursed by God and will never be cured.

Mr. Prakash is compelled to moisturize his skin with oil and water every two hours. He also gets donation of oil from villagers to ease his discomfort.

The 35-year-old from the village Sarjupura Bachedi, in central India, who started showing signs of the disorder at just five days old, said:

My skin is painful and irritating. I want to get rid of this condition so I can live a normal life, get married and work with my brothers. I have [had] this disease since childhood. My whole body itches badly; at times my legs start bleeding. I have pain and inflammation all over my body. My skin is so dry that it is very thick and flaky. I shed skin like a snake every 10 days. This is why people have named me Tirku. But I am fortunate as no one makes fun of me. Despite my skin resembling a snakeskin, people behave with me nicely. They offer me tobacco and food. They treat me like a special person.

Ummed, 40, his eldest brother, who is not affected by the condition, said:

It started with dryness in his skin that later turned thick and flaky, and started peeling off itself. As he grew older, his itchy skin turned back and hard. It became a cycle; he would scratch the itchy skin, it [would] turn red, and then thick and black, before peeling off. We have always seen him struggling in pain. But he is a very sweet person. He never complains and troubles us.

Fortunately, his villagers is hoping to raise awareness for Indian Government to fund his treatment.

Rajender Singh Tomar, the village head said:

He is a wonderful young man. Despite his painful condition, he always smiles. He never complains to anyone about his problems.

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