Navide Sai – Diana

Seton Isaac Akinkunmi, an indigene of Badadgry LGA, Lagos state, Nigeria is noticeably different and talented, and this is evident in his unique musical abilities. Akinkunmi, otherwise known musically as Navide Sai, is the latest individual to join the elite Nigerian music industry as a singer, songwriter and performing artist.

“Navide is a child of Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Akin Seton and his experiences from a creative family as the Seton’s helped shape his budding career as a musician. He always wanted to make music and this resolve led him to a recording studio in Lagos, where he attempted to record for the first time amidst piercing eyes that looked at him with doubt.

After leaving everyone present in shock at his talent, Navide Sai harnessed an excellent opportunity to make music his permanent career. He spotted an opportunity to develop a talent he was sure he had, and he didn’t hesitate to take it”.

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