Nollywood Screen Icon Chika Ike Goes One Year Celibacy (Details)


Nollywood actress Chika Ike declared she is
staying off s*x this year and it looks as if she is
not backing out anytime soon.
In a recent interview with Sun, Chika says she is
very determined although she refused to give a
definite answer when asked if she has a man.

Excerpt from the interview.
You took a break from s*x, is that part of the
beauty routine too?

No, not at all (laughter). S*x is not part of my
beauty routine right now. I just want to focus on
my movie, Nwa Teacher, and the reality show,
African Diva. I’m very determined. If I make up
my mind to do something I face it. I decided to
be celibate for now and I’m enjoying it.”

How did your partner take the decision to be

Well, he understands but I don’t really have a
boyfriend or partner right now.”

Hope you won’t surprise us with your wedding
invitation card soon?

“It could happen but I’m not really into any
relationship right now. All my energy is channelled
on my new projects.”

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