Popular Veteran Nollywood Actress Reveals Why Celebrity Marriages Fail (READ)


Veteran actress, Lanre Hassan popularly called Iya Awero has spoken on frequently failed marriages in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

She spoke in a chat with ThisDayLive where she talked about her career, her late husband, the high and low points and her view on failed marriages.

According to her, not every woman can cope with the bad character of men of these days. In her words,

“Marriage is a difficult institution. You must be fully mature before getting married. It’s not for children. As a mother with experience, I always advise couples to understand themselves before rushing to the altar. It is not by force.

You must be prepared. Why most people have issues in their marriages is because they are not patient. Not every woman can cope with the bad character of men of these days. Many of them are not sincere. Some of them also rush after our actresses for selfish reasons. Our job is highly strenuous. We also keep late nights anytime we are shooting night scenes. Not every man will permit their wives to keep late nights all in the name of acting movies.

I will advise men who want to marry an actress to be ready to accommodate a lot of things. Same to ladies who are rushing to marry actors. People should marry their best friends to avoid problems in their marriage. Marry that woman or man that understands your character, your profession and do things just to make you happy.

In marriage, you must seek God’s face first. Allow God to take control of your marriage. If you marry a God fearing man, he will respect you and will not suspect you in any way.”

On how she has been coping as a single mother, she said

“God has been my husband and my father. I am not the only widow in Nigeria. If others can cope why can’t I cope? I am a strong woman and very hard working, so I am not depending on any family member to assist me. Ever since my husband fell sick and died, God has really been merciful to me. There is nothing I have asked from God that he did not provide for me.”

Revealing why she did not get married again, Lanre Hassan said

“Remarriage for me is a no-go area. I made a promise that I would not remarry. Besides, there was no reason for me to marry again at all. What am I looking for in life that I don’t have now? I had five children. I lost two of them to the cold hands of death. One actually died when I was acting on stage while the other one also died. God knows the reason for this. Who am I to question God? Everything happened in the past and I have left it for God.”

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