PREMIERE: Parlour Boyz – Santana

The ‘Parlour Boyz’ name originated from the constant realisation that the members (Yasir, DX & T-Maxx) were most creative in the parlour, which is their preferred place of relaxation. Each of the members have their speciality such as writing, audio-production, videography and photography but function as a unit to kindle their creative goals.

The collective derives joy in creating original & entertaining audio-visual content for the pleasure of anyone who shares their interests, especially within the Nigerian youth culture. Pushing the vision of collaboration for the betterment and growth of the entertainment industry in general.

Cue the music, enter the boys from the parlour. The new single ‘Santana’ sees the Parlour Boyz confess their love & sexual desire for their partners in the most romantic of ways. The song does well to blend the groove of Afro-pop with the soul of R&B. You can feel the energy rising as it progresses with a smooth rap verse in between, to create unforgettable vibrations that hook you from start to finish.

Santana was produced by Daniel Bentley, a frequent collaborator of theirs & it was engineered by Yung Afro Ent. The song has the potential to be on all the airwaves this year.


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