SA lady in shock, calls out her sister who has been sleeping with her ex-boyfriend

A South African lady, Sima Precious (pictured left) has taken to Facebook to call out her sister, Anita Ono (pictured right) for sleeping with her ex boyfriend.

According to the Sima, she has been hearing about but refused to believe until recently that her sister would betray her like that and it seems Anita was having an affair with the man even before they ended things.

She wrote:

Been hearing people saying me and Anita Ono (My sister ) we being fucked by the same person. I ignored this for so long because I didn’t want to believe it since I’m not fucking her man so clearly it’s her fucking mind. ?

Yesterday I had to experience the traumatic shit ever. She said I’m going to Cape Town. My ex boyfriend Sabelo Tankiso is in Cape Town but I didn’t think she’s visiting him. She went there with her friend. The friend is calling me this morning telling me my sister screamed the whole night fucking my ex kuba bese busy nangok. ?. 

How do u fuck your Sister’s ex? 

I always took it as a joke apparently they were doing it while we were in a relationship with this guy ????

Like how on earth do u do that?

Anita Ono

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