Sarah Stage talks about her 6 months pregnancy and Photoshop accusations (Photos)

Beautiful 33-year-old fitness model Sarah stage, who’s almost six month pregnant with her second child talked about her pregnancy, workout regime and how she handles internet trolls who claim that she Photoshops her pictures. Stage says she has “a community of people who support me and I’m glad that there are so many positive women out there who have my back!”

When asked how she feels about people criticizing her online, she said that:

“Of course comments about endangering my baby can be hurtful, but I also understand that social media has always been full of internet trolls so it’s nothing new. I think because I also post without videos, I don’t really see many comments about Photoshop.”

“As for working out while pregnant, every expecting mother should definitely check with their doctor before doing any workout because everyone has their own limit,”

“My doctor says it perfectly fine for me to continue to exercise while pregnant and encourages it!

She added:
I might crave a cheeseburger one day and a doughnut the next,” she shared.
“I think it’s important to not restrict yourself too much especially while pregnant! Here and there, cheat meals are perfectly fine by me.”

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