See E-Money, The K-Cee’s Brother everyone talks about.. (PHOTOS)

Most of you haven’t seen him before but you all have definitely heard his name “E-Money” as K-Cee usually say his name in most of his tracks.

So E-Money is a lil bit taller and obviously huger than his brother… but you should know that K-Cee is actually the older one… Most people think it’s the other way round but no.. K-Cee is older than E-money.

E-Money is the CEO of 5-star music group, a record label where popular artistes like K-cee himself, Harrysong (Mr Songz) and a few others are signed to.

It’s also reported that the He owns the mansion in Omole, you must have seen the photo before… that’s one real baller right there guys.

See more photos of him below….






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