See How Much Money Model Olajumoke Gave To Her Former Bread Seller Colleagues


Wow! This is kindness at its finest.

Olajumoke is giving back to society, starting with the bakery where she worked before she was discovered.The breakout star who was once a bread seller is pictured with her colleagues and she gave some of them N5000 each.

“The Olajumoke foundation (official name soon) is one which gives back to the society.

This foundation was started with the help and support of an anonymous donor. Olajumoke went back to the Liberty bakery where it all started, where she’d lived and worked.


She gave some of her former colleagues five thousand naira each to support and make them know and realize that she hasn’t forgotten them. The anonymous donor felt that Olajumoke should remember her colleagues and where she was coming from. (Olajumoke at the bakery with her former colleagues)

Olajumoke says “I want to do more for my people, help those who didn’t have opportunities like me”

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