“See How My Friend’s Girlfriend Tested Him To See If He Truly Loves Her”


This story was culled from Nairaland.

Yesterday me, my friend Charles (not real name) and his girlfriend Janet (not real name) were returning from church, we were heading home, when suddenly Janet, asked Charles to handover his phone to her, Charles gave her the phone. I and Charles did not suspect or expect any fouls play because that’s not the first time she holds the phone and I feel a girl friend has the right to see or hold her boyfriend’s phone if need be.( my opinion)

But we noticed when the phone was given to her , she immediately opened the phone, removed the battery, sim card and the SD card, then put back the battery without putting back the sim and the SD card. I personally was confused I don’t know about my friend but I feel he was more confused than me.

When my friend asked her the reason for that, she said nothing, we were all mute, we trekked a distance when the most surprising and the most shocking thing happened.

When we got to the head bridge, we stood and waited for bike. Janet, passed us and threw the phone into a river. I was like “is she mad?”, what did she find in the phone that got her so furious and if she found anything that upset her, was this the right action to take.?

Charles, asked her in a calm voice “why?” she respond in aggressive voice “don’t asked me any stupid question?” the anger was burning in me I felt like devouring the girl or tear her to pieces, how can she do that to my friend now that phones are costly? many things ran through my mind,

I looked at my friend, he said we should go, I said to him we should do what? he said “let’s go.” I said to him we can’t just live her “let treat this girl,” he said “no. I always said am the last guy that will raise up my hand on a lady and Janet is not just a lady but my girlfriend and my lover, so I can’t, everything happen for a reason “ Charles said to me.

As we were about to leave, Janet called us back, hugged my friend, kissed him. And I was even more confused. Then she opened up to tell us that he was tempting my friend to see if he’ll raise his hands at her or embarrass her. But she now sees my friend as a good person who loves and respect her.

At that very moment she opened her laptop bag and brought out a brand new Infinix zero to my friend which is more costlier than the techno Y7 he was using.

She said even if my friend beat her up or threatened her, she will still give him the phone, but that will be the end of their relationship.

If you were in my friend shoes, will you act as he does?

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