“She saw the problem before she agreed to marry him” – Unilag Girls to Singer Tiwa Savage

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Following Nigerian pop star, Tiwa Savage’s explosive interview that hit the internet last night and all the fresh revelations that came from it, NET reporters have sought to get advice from ladies of the University of Lagos (Unilag), who have varying words for singer on the trending news of her marriage collapse.

You know say I be insider, so I know every. Dem tell you no marry this guy, just keep working with him but as she don cast reach, she no get choice. Now every thing don turn, two of them get all the fault. – Omanudhowo Ogaga, Actuarial Science

But she doesn’t have any excuse when she says Teebillz has an alcohol problem. She saw that problem before she agreed to marry him.Okporo Julia, Acturial Science

May God save us all from hypocritical men. The type of men that don’t want us to succeed.Yetunde, Actuarial Science

The guys is useless, he’s not worth it.Seriki Habibat, Microbiology

She should leave him fast fast before he ruins her. – Ocloo Tolulope, Chemistry

Make Tiwa no shout again, she don try. – Idris Rasheedat

Tiwa is a really hardworking lady, so she should stop crying. I understand how she feels, so I’ll just advice that she should be patient and just follow her heart.Adekunmisi Wonuola

From day one, they’ve both not been compatible. If she’s not happy, she should just leave. She has her mistakes too, but they are both not happy, they’ve never been. She should just leave. – Ibidolapo Ojerinde

Some students of Babcock University on the other-hand had this to say:

She should divorce joor.Shodeinde Bimbo, Nursing, 300l

I really don’t know who to believe because Tiwa’s side of story is so different from her husband’s own. The problem with most men is that they don’t like seeing their woman having upper hand. Tiwa is a strong lady, and I feel if she could keep those things to herself, then she could make her marriage work out but I think she has made up her mind already. – Dokunmu Olayinka, Accounting, 400l

I’ll advice her to focus on raising her child and never to go back to marriage with Tee jay.Adeniran Wuraola, Public Health, 300l

I think she should leave the marriage and hold on to God.Adeniran Opemipo 300l, Public Administration

I really think she just has to leave him o. The guy is a mad man o. He hasn’t even spent a dime on their child! Who does that? Even if he’s having issues with the wife it shouldn’t affect the child na and he’s cheating too so she’s justified in every way. – Omojola Tamilore, Public Health, 300l

Honestly I feel she should walk away from the marriage for now, let things cool down for a while and when he comes back to his senses and he’s ready to talk back she should give it a shot.Mrs Adeniran

I’m confused as to what I think she should do but I feel she should walk away from the marriage and let go for now. He probably needs space and therapy as he seems to be suffering from inferiority complex. There’s nothing wrong in a woman being the breadwinner as long as there’s care and support from the other party. – Omodele Precious, Public Health, 300l

Let her divorce. She is not happy in the marriage and that’s very bad. Imagine she says she doesn’t care again if she doesn’t get married again, she is really pained, she pays for every thing and yet he doesn’t appreciate. What did he use 45 million for?Pearl Buwa, Accounting 300l

I really don’t know what to say. I kinda feel bad for her though. She should move on with her life and child.Kini-Abasi Oscar, Accounting 300l

Its really sad. I really don’t know because this is a marital issue and she said she has had enough and he has been sleeping with other women that’s enough to leave that man to himself. – Victor, Medical Laboratory Science 300l

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