“The main treat of a b0ob is the n!pple and I have the longest” – Silverline Onuoha reveals

Nollywood actress, Silverline Nancy Onuoha, is a talented young lady, set to take Nollywood by storm.

Enugu State-born beauty, only has a few films to her credit. She started acting from her primary school, where she was always the lead character until the big challenge of Nollywood, which according to her, is as stimulating as it is refreshing.

“Nollywood is soon going to feel my full glow. All I have been doing are bit parts, but they should watch out for the real Nancy Dive, that’s my stage name, because I am ready to consume all that comes my way with my talent and sexuality”

When the slight-figured and almost flat-chested actress said one of her selling points are her boobs, it is just inevitable not to ask how that figures.

“Yes, I have small boobs but my nipples are bombshell. You don’t have to own monstrous boobs to feel you have great boobs. In fact the main treat of a boob is the nipple and I have the longest, most tantalising and sexiest nipples you have ever seen,” she declared.

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