Socialite linked to Hushpuppi, reacts after being accused for sending nudes to a married man

A shockng revelation has just poped up on the social media and it shows a certain Instagram slay queen and socialite named ‘Pammacb’ being called out for sleeping with married men.

A certain lady (unidentified) made this disclosure and accusation on her, saying she sends nudes to wealthy married men in order to get favours and money from them to fund her travels and needs.

Releasing some alledged implicating things about the slaymama, she mentioned some top people she had s*x with and her friends in the same line of business and also those she is jealous of (mainly her own sister).

Amongst those whom she revealed had s*x with her were Nigerian big boys, Hushpuppi and Mompha.

Pammacb has reacted to the accusation on her instagram and from her post, it seems the alligations are true.

Read thier exchange and leaked messages below;

Read Pammacb reaction below;

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