‘Start early when you can’ – 24-year-old who married 20-year-old lady Tells Says

Remember Aderoye Oyewole the 24-year-old man who got married to 20-year-old Damilola Tijani recently whose pictures went viral on the internet?

He has expressed gratitude to Eric Okafor who posted their wedding photos online saying they are arguably the youngest couple in the country.

Aderoye the groom, clarified that they got married out of love and not because of the bride’s pregnancy.

He said he has dated Damilola, a professional makeup artist for three years.

He also expressed appreciation to everyone who has dropped a nice word for them and urged Nigerians to patronise him at his computer village, Lagos shop.

β€œThank you all for the good wishes. My advice to you all; Start early when you can and have the means to take care of your family !!! Check my Bio if you have business for me. Let me feed our Baby,” he noted on his IG page.

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  1. but it seems to me she got pregnant that’s why the family might have push them for marriage so not really a big record to me.

    my dad was 23 while my mum 16 when they got married. today people don’t believe she give birth to us still looking young. so is nice to start early but in a good and right way! #factul

  2. Keep quit joor is immorality dat push u into dis both of u are too small for dis. I belive is ur parents dat will be taking all d responsibilities of dis ur mistake. I can see d girl is already pregnant so shut up dat ur small mouth

    • Me looking at the boy it is either a yahoo boy or born with a silver spoon cause I don’t how much he as in his account that push him to this level am very sure the pregnant was a mistake

    • Lol! Which one you wanna assist carry in their responsibility, wey you they talk like this…you be God ni…na you provide for them till date… Abi their parent complain to you. Abeg leave them for God to take care of them..you no be God joor

    • Leave God out of dis matter d guy impregnated d girl out of immorality and is forced to marry her. D girls education is astake here I dnt kw y u guys are praising him for this . If she is ur daughter dat her future is been ruin like dis will u like it at dis her age she is suppose to be in skul. Pls let’s call a spade a spade

    • Ekene Harriet d guy is a university graduate of civil engineering dept nd d lady is nd holder nd make up artist who av been doing that for long so is good as they start their life early stage.

  3. Haaaa,Ekene at least is a bold step,he took d responsility at his age nd d family too,to abort d child is not d best tin,like u said dat she is pregnat..just encourage his gut first for d decision biko b4 d insult…Nna a God is ur strength nd he will provide for u.am not supporting immorality but his boldness

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