Suspected female kidnapper caught with new baby in Abuja

A suspected kidnapper has been arrested by the Police in Abuja after she was challenged by a man who felt she was too old to be the mother of the baby she was carrying.

The incident reportedly happened at Berger, Abuja and the woman’s movement became suspicious after a passer-by noticed she was too old to nurse a baby.

The woman, upon interrogation could not prove if the baby belonged to her. She was then handed over to the Police who later took her off to their station.

The story according to a Facebook User identified as Opaluwa Ugbede-Ojo Omera:

Suspected Baby kidnapper arrested with a baby at Berger, Abuja. The young man in the video, who’s a passer-by suspected that the old woman is too old to be the mother of the baby then called the attention of the police.

During the interrogation the police asked the woman to call her husband for them to speak with the husband but she claims her husband number is not going through.The police has taken her to the station for more investigations. Stay tune for the update.

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