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PREMIERE: Immaculate Dache – Pozz

Nigerian soulful singer, songwriter, Immaculate Dache is back again with a new single titled “Pozz” Produced by the talented MICONPRO. DOWNLOAD https://www.akpraise.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Immaculate_Dache_-_Pozz_Akpraise.com.mp3 Share your thoughts!!

VIDEO: Immaculate Dache – Obiyekum

Happy New Year from Dache Entertainment! 2018 promises plenty of new entertainment, new resolutions, new friendships, new memes, and of course new music from...

AUDIO: Immaculate Dache – Choco Sweet

Immaculate Dache’s newest single “Choco Sweet” has officially dropped, and with that news, it is currently available on all streaming services and all your...

VIDEO: Immaculate Dache – Ponmile (Reminisce Cover)

Vocal powerhouse Immaculate Dache also has her own share of the #Ponmile fever in her Idoma dialect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCtlOSVxEF8 Share your thoughts!!!

AUDIO: Immaculate Dache – Obiyekum

Immaculate Dache releases "Obiyekum", her 1st single off her new label Dache Entertainment, and is now available on all digital music services. Produced by the...