The Hustle Collection by Sly Megida “The Creative God”

“Hustle, is an excerpt of the remarkable artistic journey of Sly Megida, a product of his imagination. It addresses the need for creative’s to outline a clear blue print of their vision and a reminder that the journey to greatness would be daunting hence they need to imbue the right ingredients which would qualify them to climb to the top of the pyramid and reap the rewards of their work (Greatness). A firm believer of due process, Sly aims to motivate and inspire individuals to believe in the numerous possibilities that are inevitable in life.

This body of work delves into the life of the ordinary man doing extraordinary things, we are all united by a common aim, a common vision, goal, headed in the same direction, hustle aims to appreciate the pain, the obstacles, challenges, tide, respite, darts, victories, peace that come along the way through the journey of life, the Hustle.
Hustle is a collection of seven art works that explains life’s daunting journey”

“The Big Picture Open Heavens Smile
Shine your eyes Airplane mood Fearless Obianuju”

It’s been four years since I chose this career path full time and this is my first body of work as an artist and it has been in the works over the last two years, now I’ve decided to share it with the world. I want to ask you to spare me your time and visit my website to view and share “The Hustle Collection” exclusively for a little token of $1.99 (less than N1,000) as there’s no other way I could ask for your show of support through this.

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