‘These two boys are growing to become a major threat to this society’ – Akwa Ibom-based man raises an alarm

A Facebook user identified as Emmanuel Owuala, has taken to the social networking platform to share photos of some young boys who he says always claim that they need help only to end up stealing from people when they are offered help.

The man cautioned well-meaning Nigerians, asking them to beware of the young boys who station themselves at the Udo Umana traffic light section in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital, to sell ‘fake’ stories to gain sympathy, and then rob their victims.

Below is how he narrated the stories online;


“PUBLIC NOTICE: This two boys are growing to become a major threat to this society.

Yesterday, at Udoumana Traffic light, they me begged me for small thing to eat, I told them to meet me at Discovery Park where I was going for a meeting, on getting there, they arrived.

I took out time to ask them few questions about who they are and their origin, they both told me their parents are dead. I knew they lied, but I told them I was going to help me.

I asked what they will like to do so as to keep them going, and they said they will like to sell pure water, I then asked how much they needed, they both said they needed to get the rubber (as seen in the picture above), I then asked another boy who was selling pure water to go and buy the rubber, each costing 700naira.

Before the rubbers were brought, I asked them about school since it was free, these boys said they don’t have the need for school since they can’t feed themselves. But I encouraged them to go to school in the morning and sell in the afternoon.

When the rubbers were brought, I asked how much they needed to start their business and they said just 200 each which will give them 2 bags each and when the sell, they will make another 200 as profit. After counseling them, I gave them 1k each, and assigned another little boy who was selling pure water already to go with them and ensure they bought the pure water and use the balance to eat and pay for the daily tickets.

30mins later, the little came back and informed me that these boys snatched the money from him, threatening to beat him up and bought a certain concoction and took a Keke and ran away without buying the pure for sell.

I’m doing this post because I know alot of people may have seen them and wished to help them if they have not done that already. We should not be encouraging them to beg for a living, but get something doing.”

After Emmanuel shared the story, other social media users resident in Uyo, also said they know the boys and accused them of criminal activities.

One Edidem Macauley claimed one of the boys once met him when the Keke Napep he was in stopped at a traffic light and he tried to snatch his phone from him.

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