Top 10 most beautiful Yoruba actresses in Nigeria

Over the years, the African film industry has grown, and evolved, and so has the people involved. There is beauty in preservation of culture, especially when it is portrayed on the screens through dressing and practices. Over the years the appreciation for African beauty has grown and the world is now shifting its eyes to the realization of beauty within Africa.
This is the reason why we at Akpraise Media presents to you the The Top 10 Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses In Nigeria.

List Of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Yoruba Actresses In Nigeria include.

10. Bukola Awoyemi

Bukola popularly known as Bukky started off her acting career in English movies but after awhile, she moved into the Yoruba movie industry. Bukola has featured in movies such as “Arugba,” amongst many others. She continues to entertain her fans on screens across Africa and beyond.

9. Tayo Sobola

She is one of the hottest, and most talked about ladies in the Yoruba movie industry. She is popularly known as Satoya, and has featured in alot of movies and music videos. She started off her career, as a vixen, before redirecting her changing steps.

8. Biodun Okeowo

Biodun Okeowo is an Award- Winning actress, and a mother of two, has managed to stay as young and beautiful as ever. She is popularly called “Omo butty.” The Yoruba actress has featured in movies such as Eniyemi , Atupa and Aruga.

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