Twitter user claims Simi has displaced Singer Asa, She responds with a warning

Simi is not here for comparisons with the talented Asa. According to her, she is not trying to displace Asa, but to get her own throne.

A fan had tweeted at Simi saying:

this lady has somewhat displaced my Asa from the game o. #simisola

Simi replied:

Nobody displaces a queen like Asa. Yo!!! Stop playing. We just get another throne and Queen together.

See their exchange below:

In another news, Simi also seems to be fed up with the Nigerian system like several Nigerian youths, and also with government officials and all the challenges that most Nigerian’s face daily to survive.

The singer took to her Twitter page to share her opinions on the current happenings in the country, she also said she used to fight people for talking down on Nigeria.

According to the singer;

‘How can a government be so wrong that most of the people are mentally exhausted and tired of being Nigerians? There is no value system. Hardly anyone to fight for the little guy. Only people that like to talk about what they want to do. Talk is dirt cheap’.

I don’t talk about politics much, but it’s heartbreaking to see how broken many of us are. I used to fight people for talking down on Nigeria. But there’s hardly any basis for that fight anymore. We deserve better.’

See her tweets:

In another news, Whenever a list of the best musicians in Nigeria is being compiled, there are very few musicians who will come before Simi.

It is well known that she can hold her own with the very best musicians in the world. Her music is well loved by a large number of Nigerians as well as other people from all over the world.


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