VIDEO: DJ Tarico & Burna Boy – Yaba Buluku (Remix)

“Mozambique’s newest sensation, DJ Tàrico releases an equally energetic crispy visuals that tells the “Yaba Buluku” story perfectly.

Directed by The Alien for The Alien visuals, DJ Tàrico’s mega-hit “Yaba Buluku”, has joined the the wave of African artiste collaborations and is steadily becoming the number one club banger, swinging the tune right back into 2021’s highest-ranking charts. The thunderous and attention-grabbing remix with Nelson Tivane, Preck’s energetic chants and Burna Boy’s rhythmic flow, has never felt more alive! Bouncing off a perfectly lighted environment, the song’s electrifying pull is felt as The Alien transforms its essence into seamless perfection.

Outstanding talent, Burna Boy as usual, is enigmatic to watch and doesn’t disappoint as he dishes his verse with sauce and swag. Towards the end of the visuals, we see a delicious twist, highlighted by the drums used throughout the song and made more irresistible with riveting choreography. Unrehearsed yet authentic and full of rhythm; without a doubt, a new dance movement has been introduced. The ambience is authentic, indigenous and African, the director, The Alien ‘finish work’ on this Yaba Buluku remix visuals”.

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