VIDEO: Nneka – Love Supreme

Nigerian veteran singer, songwriter, activist; “Nneka” shares the official music video for her buzzing emotional masterpiece dubbed; “Love Supreme“, off her latest body of work christened; “Maya

“It became about self-reflection, and seeing how connected our inner world is to the outer world. It’s no more ‘Victim of Truth’ because, no, I’m not a victim. In fact, I might be the perpetrator. Or I might be both. And that’s okay: I’m not judging myself, I have compassion,

The period was as much about personal development as it was creative growth, as she delved into “childhood traumas, dreams, guilt trips, not feeling good enough… as well as her faith.. As she explains wryly, You definitely need God to get through certain things, But it was by exploring the very darkest reaches of her psyche that she finally found the light, I learned we cannot let fear guide us.. I read an amazing quote: ‘Nothing that needs to hide in the dark has any authentic power of its own, That’s it: just know that any darkness is not going to last long”.

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