We Have Provided Over 2,500 Relief Packages To Residents – Adeniyi Rasaq

In an interview with Mr. Adeniyi Rasaq, chairman EREDO LCDA, And this is what he has to say about his family and the people of EREDO LCDA.

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1. What is is your name?
Saliu, Adeniyi Rasaq

2. Where are you from and where do you reside?
I am from igbooye and reside at odoragunshin, both in Eredo LCDA, EPE.

3. Can you tell us about yourself?

Niyi Saliu was Managing Director of Accentril Global Services Limited, a reputable Logistics firm in Lagos. He also sat on the boards of Commodities & Financial Services Limited and Boston Advisory Limited. Prior to joining Accentril.
Niyi worked in the Institution’s Division of BGL Securities Limited as Divisional Head. At BGL, he was responsible for fixed income transactions – origination and execution, business development with pension fund administrators, insurance companies, fund managers, hedge funds, and other institutional clients He has over 18years of professional Insurance, Logistics, and Investment banking experience. He has a master’s degree in Managerial Psychology from the University of Lagos. He is an Associate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management, he is also a Certified Management Consultant from the Chartered Institute of Management Consultants (CIMC) Canada.
He was elected and assumed office as Chairman, Eredo LCDA on July 25th, 2017.

4. We heard you are the current chairman of EREDO LCDA?

Yes, to the glory of GOD.

5. As the chairman of EREDO LCDA, do you face many difficult challenges in relating to the people of eredo?

No, eredo lcda is one big family. The people care for one another. Hence, relating to one another is very easy owing to the common goal of community development.

6. What and what have you done for the people of eredo?


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