Woman almost dies after intense s3x with husband caused her ovarian cyst to break

A 26-year-old woman from China, Xiao Qing was rushed to the hospital following an intense love-making session with her husband, because their passionate moves had caused her ovarian cyst to pop.

Xiao had not seen her husband for six months, as they work in two different cities, and they were finally able to meet on August 19 after she travelled to Changsha, Hunan Province, where he lives and in a bid to make up for lost time, they engaged in intense sexual activity.

But their romantic session went bad after Xiao experienced sharp pain in the abdomen.

She was immediately taken to the emergency room of the Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital and Doctors discovered through a CT Scan that there was a large amount of blood and fluid in her abdomen and pelvic area

Xiao Qing has since undergone surgery to remove the cyst in order to treat the ovaries and is now recovering from the surgery.

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