Woman Gives Birth To MASSIVE 6 Kilogram Baby (PHOTOS)


A mother in Australia has given birth to a baby boy that weighs a whopping six kilograms!

Brian Jr. born in Melbourne this Tuesday is over twice the size of an average newborn. His mother Natashia Corrigan knew that her baby was going to be large, but the gargantuan baby she gave birth to shocked her.

Natashia wrote on social media:

“It’s hard to get our minds around such a whirlwind of a day.. I never dreamed we’d get so much love for our BIG baby boy and family…I never dreamed he’d be this big, thought he’d be an 11 pounder at the max!”


Despite his size Natashia said the labor was safe and Brian Jr. was born a healthy boy.

“We were blessed with a safe delivery of a 13.5 pounder! I’m still in shock!! Lol Thanks again to everyone!” she writes on her page.

During an interview she said that she always dreamed of giving birth to ‘a little fat baby.’


The parents of Brian were quite shocked when they saw how big he is. He skipped newborn nappies and started wearing baby clothes right after birth.

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