Woman organizes wedding ceremony for 2 chickens (Photos)

A certain lady from Texas has just organised a wedding for two chickens and the photos has gone viral on Facebook.

Erin Bankston, the mother-of-three who is from Fort Worth in Texas but currently lives in Acworth, Georgia, reportedly spent a day setting up the altar and even managed to put the rooster in a tuxedo and the hen in a pearl necklace and white garter.

The 40-year-old lady who organized a wedding ceremony for the 2 chickens Mr and Mrs Mayflower, to show how inseparable they are, has also used her newfound viral fame to raise awareness for the humane treatment of animals and hopes to make people think twice when they see a creature in need.

Sharing photos from the wedding ceremony of the 2 Chickens, she wrote;

Our first (and only) wedding at the new barn! The wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Mayflower!
The story of these two lovebirds:

In May, 2017, I get a call from my friend who had just found a chicken tossed to the side at a chicken plant after all its friends had been taken to slaughter. He had a broken leg, couldn’t walk, and was mean as a snake. When he arrived at the farm, we treated him like we would all our other chickens, and made sure he had plenty of exercise, I limited his diet (because of his breed), and nursed him back to health. We spent lots of time together, and somehow that mean ole bird became one of the sweetest and most personable chickens on the farm. He has long outlived what most chickens of his breed live, and in that time he has grown bigger. He is too big to hang out with my mini chickens, and he gets major anxiety if he’s around a lot of movement (bad eyesight). I knew he was lonely, but he seemed ok just hanging out with the other chickens separated by a fence.

Fast forward to two months ago…I get another call from a girl who had literally picked up a chicken off the side of the road right after it fell from a chicken truck (the other one who fell off wasn’t as lucky). She knew this girl needed a farm where she would be loved and taken care of, and I was happy to take her in. At first I was gonna put her with the little chickens, but as time went on it seemed that she was more interested in Mr. Mayflower, as was he.

So, we started with little visits through the fence, followed by short supervised visits together, and soon realized all that they needed was each other.
They love each other, spend every waking (and non-waking) hour together. And Mr. Mayflower’s anxiety has gone down tremendously! Soooo, of course, we knew what needed to come next…a grand chicken wedding for these two lovebirds that are truly lucky to be alive and lucky to be in love!

Thanks to my friends Leslie Wells and Sandra Bianco for helping “shoot” and wrangle chickens at this most awesome, yet ridiculous event!

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